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The World Always Looks Better from Behind a Smile

Smiles Come In Many Shapes and Sizes. What’s Yours?

A pleasing smile can be a big plus for you on life’s journey. It engages others and shares warmth. Orthodontics can help bring out the best in you. By applying the science of gently moving teeth, an orthodontist can help to eliminate gaps between your teeth, straighten crooked teeth and correct other problems that can be distracting when you’re interacting with others. The before-and-after work of an orthodontist is amazing. The orthodontist will work with your existing teeth and jaws so their natural beauty can emerge.

Why It’s Important to Choose an Orthodontist

Orthodontists are dental specialists who diagnose, prevent and treat dental and facial irregularities. They receive an additional two to three years of specialized education beyond dental school to learn the proper way to align and straighten teeth. Only those with this formal education may call themselves orthodontists, and only orthodontists may be members of the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO). Selecting a member of the AAO for your orthodontic care is your assurance that the doctor is an orthodontist.

Be Your Best

Your smile is an essential part of who you are and how others see you. Orthodontics is an investment in you, your future and your potential.

Your Health

Straight, well-aligned teeth are easier to clean and maintain. Well-aligned teeth can also help you avoid such problems as abnormal wear of tooth surfaces, difficulty in chewing and/or speaking and excess stress on supporting bone and gum tissue. Your teeth will be with you all your life, why not do your best to ensure that they’re strong and healthy?

Look Good and Feel Good

You want to get the most from life, to achieve your goals and your dreams. You want to look good and feel even better. Every day, your smile is there for the world to see. It’s the window between you and the world.

But if you’re one of the many people who have teeth that don’t naturally line up correctly, you may be self-conscious about your smile. Misaligned teeth also can cause various dental health problems.

Fortunately, many of these problems can be resolved through orthodontics. What can orthodontics do for you?

Call Hillcrest Orthodontics in Richmond Hill today to schedule an appointment with one of our orthodontists.

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